• Chaoshan Traditional Dwellings - Downhill Tiger
    "Xiashan Tiger" is composed of three houses and one wall. Also known as "three rooms and two hands", "three rooms pass", also known as "climbing lions". The main house has three bays in the middle, the central bay is the "large living room", and there is a "big room" on each side. In front of the main house is a patio, on both sides of the patio is a one-bay "wing room" (commonly known as "reaching hand") connected with the "big room"; the front is a high wall, and the door opens on the wall. It forms a floor plan of "one hall, two bedrooms and two hands".
  • Chaoshan Traditional Dwellings - Four Points of Gold
    "Four Points of Gold" is a typical architectural pattern in Chaoshan traditional dwellings. It is named after the corners of the four gables are shaped like the Chinese character "Gold". The plane layout is two entrances at the front and the back, the north and south halls on both sides, the checkered central patio and the three bays in the back seat, the hall in the middle, and the main rooms on the left and right. The hall is the place to worship ancestors, the "big rooms" on both sides are the bedrooms of elders, the "lower rooms" on both sides of the entrance hall are the rooms of juniors and servants, there are north and south halls with corridors on the left and right of the patio, and some have two small rooms. , for the kitchen or firewood room, also known as "checkered". There is a side door leading to the outside between the "checkered house" and the big room, which is called "children's door".
  • Chaoshan Traditional Dwellings - Sima Trailer
    The "Sima Trailer" is composed of four four-point gold-style (meaning horses), and a second or three-entry ancestral hall (meaning the main car) is added at the central axis. The entire architectural pattern is like a car pulled by four horses, hence the name "Horse Trailer". Between the main car and the horse, a passageway (called Huoxiang) is set up to connect to the back alley, and a back house is set up behind to enclose the whole building as a whole. Also known as "Three Falls, Two Fire Lanes and One Backpack", it is a complication of "Four Points of Gold". The Sima trailer has a regular and square plane, with the central axis as the main axis, and pays attention to left-right symmetry. It is a large-scale building complex with relatively complete functions and an orderly arrangement.
  • Chaoshan Traditional Dwellings - Bainiao Chaohuang
    "Hundred Birds Chaohuang" is mainly based on "horse trailers", outsourcing "four points of gold" or "downhill tigers", and the room can reach 100 rooms. Its main building is vertically merged and expanded by two or more "four-point gold" buildings. There is one or two rows of row houses on each side of the main building, commonly known as "congcuo", separated by "fire lane", and "congcuo" row houses. Generally, it is "one hall, four rooms and five rooms", or two groups of one hall and two bedrooms are connected together. The concourses and rear enclosures enclosed on both sides are mostly surrounded by "downhill tigers" connected together. There must be a total of 100 "phoenixes" surrounding the central hall. ".